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Talk To Your Internet

Skyvi is a fast voice application for Android, she knows about everything from Local Businesses to your Friends!

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Your New Best Friend

Converse with Skyvi as you would with any friend. She makes witty remarks and even tells jokes. She’s also been designed to help you get things done such as voice texting, finding directions, and much more!

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Use Skyvi in the car to assist you in finding directions or calling your friends.


Call anyone in your contacts list by saying “Call Friend” and Skyvi will handle it.


By saying “Text” you can send a message to anyone in your contacts list.


Find places and get directions by saying “Find Starbucks”.


Update your Facebook status or send a tweet on Twitter instantly.


Skyvi can answer any questions you have from local weather to celebrities.

Skyvi for Android (Retired)

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What Our Users Say

  • Amanda Diaz

    Awesome!!!!! It helps me when I don't know an answer to my homework. It will make it easier for me to call or text my friends and family. It is such a great app!

  • Selena Guevaraparsneau

    Love it so far and it is very helpful Very handy if u r driving or doing something that u can't text it is great for that

  • Kimberly Atchley

    Quality It's a really good app and skyvi is really fun to talk to the quality is good and I like all the choices I can choose from of what it can do

  • Marc Dodman

    Its like having a pa, in my phone Tell my phone what to do, and it does it. I jokingly said thankyou, she even replied to that.

Skyvi was retired from the Google Play Store on September 30, 2015